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For science!!! But seriously, how's my driving? Try to be gentle, as I am super self-conscious and playing such an iconic character is hella intimidating.

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You've reached the office of Dr. Whale. If you care to leave your name and number, I'll return your call as soon as possible.
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NAME: Kacey
AGE: June 1985, 31
CONTACT: plurk

NAME: Doctor Whale/Victor Frankenstein
CANON: Once Upon a Time
CANON POINT: 5.08 "Birth" after getting knocked out by Emma
GENDER: male for both
AGE: mid thirty-ish?

PAST GAME MEMORIES: Victor was living on Atia for a few years. A quick run-down of important events:
- Upon arrival, he was pissed off and so stubborn in refusing to play Atia's game that he almost choked to death. Luckily, Bela helped him to not die. As did Fred Burkle when the collars started snapping randomly.
- War broke out and Victor was recruited as a field medic. He got the job of examining bodies of fallen mermen, which he was more than happy to do. He made notes on them and took their organs back for further study.
- Met Leonardo da Vinci and entered into a sexual relationship. Cursed memories helped him know Leo's future as a great inventor and artist, thus allowing for mutual scientific attraction.
- Wanting to do his science experiments in private, Victor petitioned Thanatos for a lab. He used the merman's heart as payment and ended up with a house that had a lab in the basement. Eventually his and Leo's relationship grew to a point where Victor invited the artist to stay in the house
- While complaining about Halloween costumes, Victor met Meg Masters. They became sexual partners during a curse and eventually formed a friends-with-benefits relationship that also included her assisting him in his laboratory.
- Victor struggled a lot with his feelings toward Leo and Meg. During another curse the two had met sexually and the three formed a tight bond. Victor eventually admitted he loved Leo and Meg, and after some time invited Meg to stay in the farmhouse.
- In meeting Elena Gilbert, he discovered he looked exactly like her biological father. While Victor felt awkward about this at first, he took to the idea and became sort of a pseudo-dad to her, taking her out for coffee and keeping up with her.
- While most Storybrooke people came and went, Victor eventually grew attached to Emma. As her parents were among the few people in Storybrooke who treated Victor with any sort of friendliness or kindness, he decided to watch out for Emma.
- Victor slowly trusted people enough to reveal he was Frankenstein. A curse brought one of his darkest moments to life and he was surprised by how accepting people were of him. People like Fred Burkle, Bucky Barnes, Leonardo da Vinci and Meg Masters were key players in helping Victor accept his past and even embrace it.
- One of Poseidon's fits inspired Victor to be more self-sufficient with food. He petitioned Demeter for a greenhouse where he could grow his own vegetables. He also used it to experiment with plants, feeling that this was safer for everyone.
- Victor was one of the "lucky" people who were there when Atia announced she was kicking everyone off the island for good. He was fine with it as long as he got to stay with those he cared about

SUITABILITY: Even without being on Atia for years, Victor is totally fine with intimacy. He has no problem having casual flings or helping someone with their collar without any emotional attachment. The years in Atia have made him even more willing to go along with whatever is needed to loosen the collars. As for employment, he's a pretty smart guy and will make his way somehow. He would prefer being in a hospital or clinic, though.

FIT: The island needs a doctor, right? Especially one already experienced in this sex-or-die nonsense :P Seriously, though, Victor is pretty chill. He does his job well but doesn't let curses or any other shenanigans get to him. He's helped deliver two babies in Storybrooke, so that could come in handy on the island. His skill at surgery or general practice could as well. He is also a scientist so he can do science-y things for the island, whatever that may entail.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, going purely by canon. He only ever flirts with women, he had the infamous one-night-stand with Mary Margaret, and asked if the nuns could date once the first curse was lifted. However, being in Atia grew his character and he now considers himself bisexual. Over the years he found himself attracted to both men and women, though he's a little more selective with the men.

SAMPLES: Has him interacting with a lot of different characters

ANYTHING ELSE? While August and Victor are from the same canon, they have no interaction with each other at all, so there's no danger of playercest.
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bird on his hip; Leo constellation on his back; devil's trap on his left arm
Victor's lab
Western side of the island, at the very south part of the 2nd district, where the canal separates it from the 3rd and the Marketplace. It is little more than a one room farmhouse with a massive lightning rod at the top.

However, inside there's an old bookcase with an urn dedicated to the worship of Thanatos. Spin it to the left, and the bookcase slides open to reveal a staircase. The staircase leads down to Victor's lab.

Victor will receive cabinets to put in his shop - IKEA style, so he must hang them - and test tubes and beakers to put into said cabinets, along with the Jacobs Ladder that he's requested. For an added bonus, Thanatos will throw in the wall switch, as well as the Weston voltmeter.

The original Doctor Sexy )


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